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I'll keep adding some links, some time...

// Hacking, Cracking etc.

Communities, Boards
- SSTeam -SecurityScene-Team
--- The in-official SecurityShell follow up
--- Good, quality, international community. IRC Chan, somehow friendly atmosphere.
--- Main Topic Hacking/Security and a lot more. Just give it a try ;)
--- (No CreditCard / Faking / Defacement etc. shit allowed!)

- VXChaos
--- A nice collection of tools. Mostly about hacking, cracking, bitchslapping.

// Random Stuff

E-Mail Provider
- www.lavabit.com
--- Free. Encrypts your emails on their server.
--- PW decrypts the Keyfiles, then your emails will be decrypted.
--- 128 MB / 1024 MB (With ads), 32MB SendLimit, POP, Webmail, AV, RBL, ScatterBackProt.

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